You can fulfill all your customer’s needs with our large selection of beaded jewelry designs for your boutique. We have a variety of styles that include beads and charms as well as a few glass bead jewelry styles.

In our Bead Collection, we have tons of cute bracelets with beads for you to choose from! These beaded bracelets are able to be worn individually or stacked with matching bead bracelets to fit every one of your customer’s styles. Our gold beaded bracelets all are stretch bracelets, meaning that your customers will easily be able to stack all their cool bead bracelets! We also offer everything from chunky beaded bracelets to small beaded bracelets to beaded bracelets with charms to pearl bead bracelets.

Included in our Bead Collection is a variety of beaded necklaces including beaded tassel necklaces, chunky bead necklaces, and mixed media necklaces including beaded chain necklaces. We also carry a variety of silhouettes including beaded chokers, beaded collar necklaces, multi strand beaded necklaces and long beaded necklace with tassel. Your store’s jewelry display will be filled with colorful beaded necklaces, and pearl bead necklaces for your customers. They will be completely satisfied with your huge assortment of cute beaded necklaces!

Do your customers love to have a matching set of earrings with their gold bead necklace? We’ve got you covered! We have a variety of beaded earrings including gold beaded hoop earrings, beaded dangle earrings, beaded drop earrings and beaded tassel earrings to match all our beaded lariat necklaces. In addition, we have several trendy beaded earring styles such as our beaded heart earrings and several long beaded earrings including our pearl drop earrings.