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Every confident woman seizes the opportunity to be seen and heard. ZENZII is there to help make that happen. As a national and international wholesale jewelry supplier, women from around the world can access our jewelry inventory of a wide range of styles. Customers will be able to purchase from any of our wide range of jewelry styles; and find us in boutique shops, department stores, online stores, and specialty stores alike. Women who enjoy the best customer service, the highest quality wholesale jewelry, fashion-forward styles, competitive pricing, and the overall ideal shopping experience will find it all in ZENZII.

Access our inventory of wholesale costume jewelry which contains over 4,000 styles. Here is where you will browse the wide selection of statement necklaces, stackable bracelets, trendy earrings and handmade jewelry that are sure to please even the most discerning customer. Whether your customers are looking for jewelry that compliments casual wear or formal wear, we have the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Women encounter a variety of scenarios on a regular basis, and ZENZII has an inventory that runs the gamut of opportunities. Does your customer want to find the perfect pair of earrings for a formal engagement? Does she need the right necklace or ring that adds dazzle when having cocktails? Is she looking to add a pop of color with our bold statement pieces for a costume? We are here to help! Women will find pieces that make statements at ZENZII. The accessories that a woman wears should be an extension of her own personal style. The "ZENZII woman" knows how to style herself with intent, pairing every look with accessories to show who she is and what she stands for. Each season, our team works hard to research the latest in fashion accessories to stay on and ahead of trends. We then work directly with our manufacturers to create unique and fashion-forward designs. We keep ourselves informed by listening to the customer's wants and needs. We want to align what's current with our wholesale jewelry and accessories inventory and the needs of customers. You can depend on ZENZII to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s hot!

Need help in stocking your shelves with a wide range of accessories that range from casual wear to statement-making? Need jewelry that speaks to the story of every customer? We can help you get everything you need! Check out our jewelry collections pages for a quick resource of what is new in trendy wholesale jewelry. Each page is regularly updated to display a variety of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings so you can mix and match complementary jewelry styles together. Whatever your statement is, finding our accessories wholesale ZENZII will help you say it boldly.

Stay up on the latest trends by signing up for our weekly newsletter. Our readership is amongst the first to be informed on what’s trending in fashion jewelry. By signing up, you will join a community of trendsetters who are kept up to date by hearing first of our newest arrivals. You also get the chance to know what our top sellers are, as well as receive exclusive sneak peeks of the hottest upcoming trends in fashion jewelry.

ZENZII, derived from the word ZEN, is a

wholesale fashion jewelry

company located in Atlanta, GA. We have catered to the needs of our consumer base for over ten years and guarantee high-quality fashion jewelry to our valued customers.