Often seen in our tortoise print designs - our acetate is the best you can find.

In fact, it’s of the same grade of designer eyewear.

How it Starts

Our custom acetate is sourced from our factory, where we ensure that only the best is put into our jewelry. Our material starts off as a colored, organic pigment, which is later mixed with acetone to create acetate. To achieve the classic mixed-color look, acetate is sliced into small pieces, and is mixed in with other acetate chips in different colors.

Creating Acetate Sheets

The chips are then moved into a mold where they are heated for 24 hours - creating a fused block. The block is cut into sheets, then later cut into the classic ZENZII designs you know and love with precise laser cutting technology.

Polished to Perfection

But it doesn’t stop there, to ensure our jewelry is smooth to the touch, our pieces are polished in tumbling barrels filled with wood chips for 72 hours. By doing this, our acetate material has no jagged edges, and has a truly polished shine.

Why it Matters

True acetate is often imitated, but never duplicated with lower-costing materials. The shine, weight, and even color of both our classic and colorful acetate is significantly superior to competitors claiming to carry the same for lower prices.

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