Tell A Compelling Color Story With The 4-tier Lucite Earring Rack

Market research has shown that color is one of the first things customers notice in a store. ZENZII’s colorful earring collections are just the thing to grab customers’ attention and our new Lucite 4-Tier Earring Rack is the ideal way to merchandise them. We’ll show you how to draw customers in with a dynamic, eye-catching display that tells a compelling color story.

About the Rack

This sleek 4-tier piece is made of premium lucite, which is far sturdier and more durable than similar plastic versions. At a just-right size, the display is large enough to design a complete color story, but slim enough that it does not take up too much valuable space. Also, with no visible screws, it creates a polished, upscale presentation.


Try one of these visual merchandising strategies to attract customers by creating a mood and telling a story through color.

Neons to create an eye-popping display

Pastels to showcase soft and subtle styles

Monochromatic – shades of reds, blues or greens – always stand out

A rainbow effect makes a big impact. Start each row with warm colors and move across the row with cooler tones.


This lucite earring rack is a versatile display that can be styled in a number of visually appealing ways.

Uniform look: Showcase a single earring style in multiple colors. All hoops or all forward-facing earrings work well.

Multi-style: Display a different style on each tier of the rack. Put a row of all hoops and then a row of all front-facing earrings.

Make a statement: Showcase a selection of larger statement earrings, like our handmade flower collection. Leave an empty space in between pairs for increased visibility and to highlight the individual styles.


DO display colorful styles (we don’t recommend metals) to create vibrancy and draw attention.

DON’T attach earring cards to the rack. This display looks best with individual earrings inserted in the pre-drilled holes.

DO maximize the enticing effects of this colorful display by placing it in a focal point in the front of the store or on the cashwrap.

DON’T leave empty spaces on the rack where earrings should hang. After a set is purchased, put another in its place so the rack is always full. You can’t sell what isn’t displayed and you want to avoid it looking picked over.

As always, we’re here to help! Reach out to us if you need imagery, line sheets, or assistance creating a “Shop the Look” display for your store or online boutique.