Spring into Sales with Easter Merchandising Themes

Artfully presented holiday displays attract attention and the Easter season offers plenty of opportunities for creative in-store motifs. While bunnies and baskets are traditional holiday icons, you can also use the spirit of freshness and renewal that accompanies the season as a springboard for unique merchandising themes. Read on for some of our new Easter merchandising ideas.

Everything in Bloom

Nothing symbolizes rebirth like bright blossoms. Create a flower-focused display with a collection of floral items all in one place. Use necklaces, earrings, accessories and home items to showcase your bouquet of spring options. Decorate with fresh flowers to add fragrance and a natural element..

Use Texture and Color

A pastel palette is an Easter season staple that’s easy to embrace. Incorporate these pale hues in ways that add texture and softness. Drape tables with light pink and green tulle, prop items on lavender or blue tissue paper and add paper Easter grass to cases.

Make Outfits

If your boutique offers clothing, take the guesswork out of Easter attire by displaying full Sunday-best outfits in one place. Pairing a dress with coordinating jewelry, accessories and shoes gives customers a vision of the full ensemble, so they will want to purchase each piece to complete their look.

Be on Trend

The Spring runways have spoken. Show your customers what’s on trend by creating a Spring fashion section with the season’s most coveted styles. Top jewelry trends include bold bangle and cuff bracelets, whimsical, brightly-colored floral pieces and notice-me earrings, which can be perfectly displayed on our lucite one-tier earring racks (available in small, medium and large sizes).

Little Treasures

Easter is less about purchasing big ticket items and more about delighting loved ones with small, sweet treasures. Now’s the time to use baskets to create themed gifts. Each one can hold a series of coordinating items, like a matching jewelry set.

Bring on the Bunnies

Don’t forget that the tried-and-true symbols of Easter always resonate with customers. Cross-themed jewelry reflects the religious aspects of the occasion, and other traditional themes can be used creatively – like building a “hunt” style display with promos hidden inside plastic eggs or a spring animal table adorned with plush bunnies and chicks. Easter is a great opportunity to attract customers and boost sales through creative merchandising efforts. By incorporating spring themes such as blooming flowers, pastel colors, and traditional Easter symbols like bunnies and eggs, you can create eye-catching displays and gift ideas your customers will love.

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