Autumn/Winter 2023/2024 Trending Colors

Get ready to be dazzled and inspired by Pantone's Fashion Color Trend Report for Autumn-Winter 2023-2024, featuring a rich tapestry of captivating hues that will dominate the fashion scene.

Color Report: The Essence of the Season

From warm and earthy tones like Burnt Sienna, High Visibility and Tender Peach to vibrant hues like Rose Violet, and Red Dahlia, the season promises excitement and versatility. The report also highlights the timeless elegance of neutral shades such as Doe and Hot Fudge providing a sophisticated backdrop for jewelry and accessories.

Get Inspired: Jewelry Must-Haves

Nature-inspired Pieces: Embrace earthy tones with jewelry inspired by nature. Think petals and flower clusters. Floral-designed pieces convey mood and personality. 

Fall Neutrals

Make autumn shades in blues, reds and taupe more interesting with textured pieces and bold designs. Neutrals blend well with brighter colors for seamless mixing and matching. 

Layered Necklaces

Creating a captivating stacked effect is easier than ever with layered necklaces. Play with trending metals like mixed links or beads in multi-sizes.

Mixed Metals

Break the traditional rules and experiment with mixed metal jewelry. Combine silver and gold tones to add depth and versatility to your accessories collection. This trend pairs well with a variety of Pantone colors, providing a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

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