Prep for the Holidays: 4 Tips for a Stress-Free Selling Season

The holidays are right around the corner. Gasp! Before you give into the frenzy, read our tips for how to get through the season with as little stress as possible.

1. Merchandise Strategically

Seasonally designed merchandise is difficult to sell after the holidays. Santa Claus earrings won’t have as much appeal on December 26. Unless you’re confident your customers will buy out your inventory of specialty pieces, consider stocking your boutique with more enduring styles.

But, it’s Christmas! 

We get it. Focusing on your bestsellers doesn’t mean you can’t get into the holiday spirit. Prioritize colors, like red, green and gold, and gift-worthy styles like pendants and lockets that offer a festive feel. 

Think about which colors or styles can transcend seasons, such as red for Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day. Green and gold pieces could be repurposed for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Mardis Gras.

2. Make Shopping Easy

Being easy to do business with is imperative in today’s competitive landscape. Make sure your selling channels, such as your boutique, website, emails and social media pages, reflect your current merchandise. 

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect bracelet for a loved one, only to discover it’s out of stock or discontinued. If you do have limited supplies and predict running out of stock, suggest alternatives that may appeal to your customers and keep them shopping with you. 

Curate a gift guide or holiday collection as a way to introduce your brand, showcase new styles or colors, or highlight top sellers. Offering an incentive or discount during the holidays is always a crowd pleaser.

3. Be Transparent

Customers may be used to supply chain issues and shipping delays, but they are no less frustrated by them. While you can’t control the post office, you can limit frustrations through proactive communication. 

Provide a shipping calendar on your website or in customer emails that outlines order by dates, and typical ship by dates and transit times. Not only will this give customers an idea of when they can expect to receive merchandise, it encourages them to shop early, especially the closer we get to Christmas. 

More communication is better when merchandising issues or unexpected delays occur. Your customers will appreciate you letting them know about situations that affect their orders. 

4. Use Flexible Payment Options

As a small business, consistent cash flow is necessary to keep operations running. A lack of cash can hinder production during periods of increased spending, such as the holidays when inventory increases. 

ZENZII now offers flexible payment options through PayPal’s Buy Now, Pay Later program to help boutique owners stock up on the merchandise they need when they need it. Learn more about ZENZII Payment Terms here.

Our team is here to help with merchandising, line sheets, product images and more! Email us or schedule a virtual appointment to get customized guidance on incorporating these color trends in your spring/summer jewelry selections.