5 Fashion Jewelry Myths Debunked

For years, women have been fed limiting “rules” about fashion, many of which just don’t apply today. Out of habit, your customers may be shopping for jewelry based on these outdated ideas. 

Here are 5 common myths debunked that you can use to educate your customers on how to break free of old notions and modernize their look.

Put These Myths To Rest

1. Costume Jewelry Is Always Poor Quality

Not all fashion jewelry is created equal. The quality of the materials plays a huge role in wearability and cost per wear. ZENZII is intentional about using premium materials that extend jewelry lifespan. All of our base metals are plated with Rhodium or 18K gold. Resin and acetate styles are made from pure, undiluted material and polished to a high-gloss finish, and our jewelry is hypoallergenic, free from nickel and lead.

18k Gold Plated
Pure, Undiluted Material And Polished To A High-gloss Finish
Free From Nickel And Lead

2. Fashion Jewelry Doesn’t Need Care

Just like fine jewelry, gently cleaning fashion accessories will keep them looking beautiful longer. Provide your customers with a care card with these easy tips: 

As much as possible, avoid contact with liquids: water, lotion, hairspray, perfume cleaning products.

1. Use a soft cloth to wipe off body oils from jewelry to keep them nice and shiny.

2. Store jewelry in a ZENZII pouch to prevent scratches and tangles.

3. Gold And Silver Can’t Be Worn Together

These days, fashion is truly limitless. Two-tone jewelry and layered looks are the hottest trends. Show your customers how they can achieve fashion forward appeal by combining gold and silver in stackable rings, bracelets and earrings.

5. Less Is More

Forget the idea of overdoing it. More is more! Statement pieces are always in style for women who love a bold look. Empower your customers to have confidence in sporting the pieces they love, whether that means wearing a chunky necklace, choosing bright earrings or stacking bracelets up their arm. 

Matte Beaded Stretch Bracelet SKU: B1485

Beaded Layered Long Necklace SKU: N270

Resin Bangle Bracelet SKU: B1478

Glass Bead Stretch Bracelet SKU: B1482

Reach out to us if you need imagery, line sheets, or help creating a “Shop the Look” display for your store or online boutique.