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How it Started

It all started with Shawn and Jenny - a couple with a dream and a kiosk. With an ambition to design fashion jewelry that’s fabulously made and fairly priced, ZENZII was born. The name ZENZII is derived from the word “zen”, that emphasizes our core values of finding harmony and balance in all that we do. And with this, the company made a promise to balance its luxurious designs with attainable price points. ZENZII has always been known for making a statement in the industry with its unmistakably bold colors and signature premium-grade resin. Instead of following trends, Shawn and Jenny chose to pursue a path that was left untouched.


Taking the Industry by Storm

12 years later today, ZENZII is one of the largest fashion jewelry companies in North America. With the success of the company, ZENZII eventually outgrew its kiosk and expanded to three showrooms across the United States and a 48,000 sq ft headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The company has also grown exponentially with a team of diverse and dedicated customer care and design professionals that share the same passion for jewelry. All of this was made possible by standing out with fun, fierce styles and complementing the wardrobes of fashionistas around the world.

ZENZII can be found not only online, but in boutiques and retailers of all sizes. ZENZII has proudly partnered and collaborated to create exclusive collections with nationally recognized retailers and department stores such as Macy’s, Anthropologie, Von Maur, and Nordstrom. All of these opportunities have made it possible to glamorize the lives of women everywhere, regardless of their personal style.

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Building a Fashionable Future

We believe in creating a ZEN atmosphere that is dedicated to growing a community of diverse, honest, and passionate individuals. Together, we can share our belief of balancing attainability and luxury, so we can make it possible to give all women the equal opportunity to feel fabulous.

ZENZII truly believes in making the world a more fashionable place - with one statement jewelry piece at a time.

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