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Our company is growing fast and we are always looking for talented, passionate people. If you feel you are a good fit for ZENZII, please email a cover letter and resume to

Please note we do not hire commissioned sales reps. 

ZENZII is a fashion jewelry brand, we sell to boutiques, specialty stores, department stores and eCommerce.  Our jewelry is unique and fabulous, just like the women who wear it. Our culture is very organic yet intentional.  We operate somewhere between a modern family and a well-oiled machine. 

Our focus is on our individual strengths, energy, talents and passion. It is our belief that everyone should have a healthy work life balance with an emphasis on healthy.  We are a team that works hard together, supports each other and enjoys time outside of work for our balance.

We are considerate to each other and our customers.  We are more interested in creating an experience and gaining a long-term customer.  We work hard and we laugh harder.  The long-term goal is the direction focus of the team. 

If we have an idea, we share it, a concern, we address it.  We see failures as a learning experience and avoid ‘average’ like the plague.  We communicate openly and respectfully with each other and our customers.

Individuals who thrive at ZENZII are entrepreneurial in spirit and empowered.  Ideal candidates are passionate problem solvers, team players, hard workers, smile makers, and coffee break takers.  You are equally comfortable representing ZENZII at our 5th Ave NYC Showroom as you are unloading pallets in the warehouse.  


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