Wholesale Fashion Necklaces

  • N654

  • N653

  • N643

  • N601

  • N590

  • Charming Hearts Necklace

    Style # N552

  • N546

  • Heart Locker Necklace

    Style # N545

  • Touch Of Shine Necklace

    Style # N538

  • Fleur de Lis Charm Necklace

    Style # N453

  • N353

  • N352

  • N351

  • N350

  • N347

  • N345

  • N343

  • N342

  • N341

  • N340

  • N339

  • Long Crystal Stranded Necklace

    Style # N338

  • N313

    Style # N313

  • N308

  • Perforated Stone Necklace

    Style # N307

  • Stone and Burnished Metal Pendant Necklace

    Style # N305

  • N304

    Style # N304

  • Round Link Long Necklace

    Style # N283

  • Snake Chain Pendant Statement Necklace

    Style # N253

  • N146

  • N119

  • N086

    Style # N086

  • N073

  • Moroccan Drops Long Necklace

    Style # Moroccan Drops Long Necklace

  • KN138

  • KN130

  • KN122

  • KN121

  • KN120

  • KN112

  • KN111

  • KN086

  • Lolita II Bracelet/Choker

    Style # B1274

  • Chic In The City Wrap Bracelet

    Style # B1246

  • Galaxy Speckle Wrap Bracelet/Choker

    Style # B1194

  • Lolita Wrap Bracelet/Choker

    Style # B1193


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ZENZII carries a large inventory of wholesale necklaces, from show stopping statement necklaces to bold colorful beaded necklaces to 4D floral necklaces and so much more. We have just what you need to keep your shelves stocked or your e-commerce store up to date on the latest styles. We offer a variety of necklaces that will please all ages and styles to keep your customers happy and your business profitable! You can find high quality necklaces in a vast array of trendy styles at competitive wholesale prices when you shop with ZENZII. From classic pearl necklaces, to our signature resin pendant necklaces to the intricate handmade necklaces, you can pick and choose the perfect mix of wholesale fashion jewelry necklaces to create the perfect display.