Wholesale Earrings

All eyes will be on you with face-framing statement wholesale fashion jewelry earrings from shoulder-grazing showstoppers to not-so-simple studs.
  • KE005

  • Crystal Cluster Drop Earring

  • E021

  • E161

    Style # E161

  • Sleek Square Hoop Earrings

    Style # E242

  • Square Matte Metal Hoop Earring

    Style # E243

  • Graduating Oval Drop Earring

    Style # E244

  • Metal Ribbon Hoop Earring

    Style # E497

  • Antiqued Double Teardrop Earring

    Style # E552

  • It's Party Time! Earring

    Style # E553

  • Antiqued Crystal Square Drop Earring

    Style # E554

  • Antiqued Crystal Oval Drop Earring

    Style # E555

  • Heart Locker Earring

    Style # E556

  • Antiqued Crystal Circle Drop Earring

    Style # E557

  • Antiqued Crystal Teardrop Earring

    Style # E558

  • Dainty Crystal Drop Earrings

    Style # E610

  • E617

  • E619

  • E623

  • Antiqued Large Crystal Teardrop Earring

    Style # E640

  • Shiny Round Zipper Earring

    Style # E654

  • E670

  • Let the Pearl Drop Earring

    Style # E673

  • E674

  • Olive Drop Earring

    Style # E710

  • Cutout Metal Hoop Earring

    Style # E714

  • E716

  • Matte Brushed Metal Hoop Earring

    Style # E717

  • Honeycomb Hoops

    Style # E725

  • E731

    Style # E731

  • Shining Crystal Ball Drop Earring

    Style # E741

  • Resin Ribbon Earring

    Style # E743

  • Round Resin Door Knocker Earring

    Style # E744

  • Mod Resin Hoop

    Style # E745

  • E746

    Style # E746

  • E750

    Style # E750

  • E760 RH

    Style # E760 RH

  • E763

  • Diamond Shape Drop Earring

    Style # E766

  • Chunky Acrylic Drop Earring

    Style # E771

  • Square Resin Door Knocker Earring

    Style # E782


    Style # E788


    Style # E789


    Style # E790

  • Brushed Metal Star Earring

    Style # E812

  • Pearl Glam Earrings

    Style # E825

  • Madison Drop Pearl Earrings

    Style # E826

  • Fancy Gem Earrings

    Style # E833

  • Gemstone Burst Earring

    Style # E839

  • Regal Resin Hoop Earring

    Style # E841

  • Just Scroll With It Earring

    Style # E842

  • Geo Stud Earring

    Style # E851

  • Scroll and Drop Earring

    Style # E852

  • Small Drop Crystal Earring

    Style # E854

  • Crystal Stud Earring

    Style # E855

  • Drop Crystal Earring

    Style # E858

  • Pyramid Stud Earring

    Style # E860

  • Chic Crystal Stud Earring

    Style # E862

  • Do The Right Bling Earring

    Style # E874

  • Sauron Drop Earring

    Style # E875

  • Layered Gem Earring

    Style # E876

  • Arrow Margin Earring

    Style # E877

  • Have a Ball Hoop Earring

    Style # E879

  • Cocktail Chic Drop Earring

    Style # E880

  • Street Statement Earring

    Style # E881

  • Uneven Playing Field Earring

    Style # E882

  • Shoulder Tease Earring

    Style # E895

  • Knock Drop & Roll Earring

    Style # E897

  • Dimensional Drop Earring

    Style # E910

  • Jaw Drop Earring

    Style # E913

  • Uptown Swirl Earring

    Style # E917

  • Logo Stud Earring

    Style # E918

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Whether you own a small boutique, a large department store or an ecommerce website, ZENZII’s exclusive wholesale earrings will stun your customers. We are expert in selecting specific high-quality materials for all our earrings. It is important to balance the variety of your store’s selections but also make sure to select specific wholesale jewelry with a special touch added to it. Whether your customers are career women, fashionistas, casual enthusiast, young moms or even teenagers; you will find exactly the type of fashion earrings they will like at ZENZII. Our wholesale costume jewelry is well known because of the careful selection, diligent manufacturing and unique designs. Our fashion jewelry designs are hand selected by our in house designer and therefore very unique. 

It is important for every customer that visits your store to find exactly what they want/need. They want to feel they’re buying something very special. This is where ZENZII comes in, we provide exclusive wholesale earrings that are fashion forward with that special touch to it. Our earrings are colorful and statement making. Additionally, we also carry classic pieces every woman wants in her wardrobe because a classic pair of earrings is like the perfect little black dress, it never goes out of style! We listen to our customers and make it a priority to provide our customers with a large variety of high quality earrings to select from. For you as a store owner, it is important to be different than your competitors and our team works to keep you ahead of the fashion trends.