Wholesale Bracelets

Stock your store with unique and high-quality wholesale bracelets from bangles to statement bracelets to perfect cuff bracelet.

  • Color Blocks Cuff Bracelet

    Style # B932

  • Building Blocks Cuff

    Style # B931

  • Lasting Braid Bangle

    Style # B930

  • Twist of Glitz Bracelet

    Style # B929

  • Let it Chain Bracelet

    Style # B928

  • Raising Decorum Bracelet

    Style # B923

  • Elegant Elephant Bangle

    Style # B916

  • Seriously Safari Cuff

    Style # B915

  • Double Circle Link Bracelet

    Style # B914

  • Elongated Elegance Link Bracelet

    Style # B913

  • Ring Around Link Bracelet

    Style # B911

  • Shooting Star Bracelet

    Style # B910

  • Resin Hexagon Bangle

    Style # B909

  • Timepiece Bangle

    Style # B907

  • Strong Square Cuff

    Style # B903

  • Clearly Chic Bracelet

    Style # B899

  • Resin Square Bangle

    Style # B898

  • Linked Up Resin Bracelet

    Style # B897

  • Staring Stones Bracelet

    Style # B895

  • That's a Wrap Bracelet

    Style # B894

  • Weave Them Breathless

    Style # B893

  • Better in Leather Bracelet

    Style # B891

  • Oh Ostrich Bracelet

    Style # B889

  • What A Stud Bangle

    Style # B888

  • Feel the Bead Bracelet

    Style # B885

  • Square Shape Bangle

    Style # B881

  • Beating Hearts Cuff

    Style # B879

  • Circle and Diamond Cuff

    Style # B877

  • Silver Buckle Pearl Bracelet

    Style # B873

  • Finishing Touch Link Bracelet

    Style # B872

  • Starry Night Wide Bangle

    Style # B868

  • Star Spangled Bangle

    Style # B867

  • Charmed, I'm Sure Bracelet

    Style # B848

  • Love is in the Square Bracelet

    Style # B847

  • Rolling Stones Bracelet

    Style # B846

  • Better Shape Up Bracelet

    Style # B844

  • Bejeweled Jaguar Cuff Bracelet

    Style # B843

  • Exotic Elegance Cuff

    Style # B841

  • Garden Variety Bracelet

    Style # B839

  • Chain-ed On Style Bracelet

    Style # B838

  • Heart Will Go On Bracelet

    Style # B837

  • Space Bar Bracelet

    Style # B833

  • Stacking Stones Bracelet

    Style # B830

  • Full Circle Link Bracelet

    Style # B828

  • Chunky Chic Cuff

    Style # B826

  • Oval You Bracelet

    Style # B825

  • Love Me or Weave Me Bracelet

    Style # B824

  • Color Me Happy Bangle

    Style # B823

  • Resin Ridges Cuff

    Style # B816

  • On the Edge Cuff

    Style # B815

  • Resin Ridges Open Cuff

    Style # B814

  • 3 Piece Acrylic Bangle

    Style # B813

  • Oversized Acrylic Bangle

    Style # B811

  • Skinny Leather and Chain Bracelet

    Style # B809

  • Multi-Strap Beaded Leather Cuf

    Style # B808

  • Skinny Chain Belt Bracelet

    Style # B807

  • Leather and Gold Chain Bracelet

    Style # B806

  • B804

  • Wooden Beaded Bracelet

    Style # B803

  • Chunky Wooden Beaded Bracelet

    Style # B802

  • Wooden Beaded Seashell Bracelet

    Style # B801

  • Geometric Acrylic Bangle

    Style # B800

  • B798

  • B795

  • Box Out Bracelet

    Style # B794

  • Ring Around The Resin Bracelet

    Style # B793

  • Abstract Resin Bracelet

    Style # B792

  • Acrylic Block Bracelet

    Style # B791

  • B790

  • Metal Bamboo Bangle Bracelet

    Style # B781

  • Starburst Enamel Hinged Cuff

    Style # B780

  • Animal Instinct Bracelet

    Style # B766

  • Preppy and Polished Cuff

    Style # B761

  • B753

  • B751

  • Gold Bar Rope Bracelet

    Style # B748

  • Skinny Wraparound Leather and Gold Bracelet

    Style # B747

  • Luxe Leather Crystal Studded Bracelet

    Style # B746

  • Luxe Leather Wrap Bracelet

    Style # B744

  • B743

  • Skinny Crystal Belt Bracelet

    Style # B742

  • Twisted Crystal Beaded Bracelet

    Style # B741

  • Glass Bead Bracelet

    Style # B736

  • Boho Beaded Double Wrap Bracelet

    Style # B734

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Your boutique, jewelry department or ecommerce store can now stand out from the crowd. Start selling amazing wholesale bracelets in many shapes and colors. ZENZII carefully selects all their bracelets to ensure the highest possible quality. This goes for the popular resin bracelets, the stunning statement bracelets as well as the wide variety of other gorgeous fashion wholesale bracelets for the wrist. Women know that their hands are one of the most elegant and expressive parts of the body and enjoy accenting them with beautiful and statement making jewelry. This is why bracelets are one of the most rewarding pieces of costume jewelry that you can sell in your store.

Another of the many advantages of fashion bracelets is that you can wear as many as you want. This means there is no end for upselling great combinations of bracelets. You can create the perfect arm party display! In wholesale fashion, it’s very popular now to combine bangle bracelets with chain bracelets for example. You can also advise your customers to combine a beautiful cuff bracelet on one arm with a beaded bracelet on the other. Silver and gold bracelets can be combined with leather and colorful resin bangles. ZENZII is the one-stop-shop for all your statement and high-quality fashion jewelry needs. Make your store stands out with adding ZENZII wholesale bracelets to your displays.