Wavy Metals

Wavy Metals

Stock your shop just in time for the holidays with the perfect twist on metal accessories. The top-selling wavy tubular metal jewelry collection is back with new styles for your holiday sales season! Your customers will love how these styles make a statement through movement.
  • Tubular Y-Shape Long Necklace

    Style # N2115

  • Tubular Fringe Collar Necklace

    Style # N2116

  • The Firecracker Bracelet

    Style # B1205

  • Metal Waves Bib Necklace

    Style # N2026

  • Metal Waves Fringe Necklace

    Style # N2025

  • Metal Waves Layered Necklace

    Style # N2073

  • Tubular Collar Necklace

    Style # N2164

  • Tubular Long Collar Necklace

    Style # N2173

  • Metal Waves Bracelet

    Style # B1234

  • Bar Fringe Bracelet

    Style # B1294

  • Metal Cascading Fringe Drop Earrings

    Style # E1600

  • Three In One Cuff Bracelet

    Style # B1278

  • S Curve Cuff Bracelet

    Style # B1280

  • Hanging Tubular Drop Earrings

    Style # E1662

  • Raise The Bar Earrings

    Style # E1550

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