Trending: Lavender

Trending: Lavender

This season's most sought-after color is finally here! Our most loved styles are now available in the perfect, lush shade of lavender. Help her complement her wardrobe beautifully with these spring essentials.
  • Glossy Beaded Pastel Necklace

    Style # N2247

  • Matte Beaded Bib Necklace

    Style # N2188

  • Rock & High Roller Pearl Necklace

    Style # N1009

  • Poppy Stud Earring

    Style # E1768

  • Dew Drop Earring

    Style # E1760

  • Flower Power Drop Earring

    Style # E1723

  • Matte Beaded Hoop Earring

    Style # E1722

  • Wildflowers Drop Earring

    Style # E1716

  • Poppy Chain Earring

    Style # E1715

  • Garden Party Statement Earring

    Style # E1515

  • Shade-y Lady Drop Earring

    Style # E930

  • Hue Go Girl Earring

    Style # E926

  • Glossy Beaded Pastel Bracelet

    Style # B1339

  • Matte and Glossy Beaded Bracelet

    Style # B1334

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