The Luxor Collection

The Luxor Collection

Regardless of where you are or where your destination is, do it with style. Introducing our Luxor Collection, full of new, rich colored resin designs with soft, matte finishes. From beaded drop earrings to layered bib necklace, explore our exclusive styles.
  • Beaded Long Necklace with Tassel Pendant

    Style # N2138

  • Layered Beaded Bib Necklace

    Style # N2117

  • Multi Strand Translucent Beads Necklace

    Style # N2024

  • Multi Strand Matte Beaded Necklace

    Style # N1917

  • Luxor Beaded Drop Earring

    Style # E1635

  • Beaded Stretch Bracelet - Set of 3

    Style # B1303

  • Short Cut Cuff

    Style # B1273

  • Cross Hatched Cuff

    Style # B1272

  • Catch the Wave Beaded Bracelet

    Style # B1264

  • Tight Rope Bracelet

    Style # B1206

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