Night of Nefertiti

Night of Nefertiti

Embrace the sophisticated glamour the queens of Egypt were known for. This collection if full of gorgeous metal accessories with cascading layers.
  • Tubular Short Chain Necklace

    Style # N2118

  • Tubular Fringe Collar Necklace

    Style # N2116

  • Tubular Y-Shape Long Necklace

    Style # N2115

  • The Firecracker Necklace

    Style # N1846

  • Metal Cascading Fringe Drop Earrings

    Style # E1600

  • Inner Loop Earring

    Style # E1588

  • Multi-strand Textured Metal Chain Bracelet

    Style # B1295

  • Bar Fringe Bracelet

    Style # B1294

  • Woven Metal Bracelet

    Style # B1286

  • The Firecracker Bracelet

    Style # B1205

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