NEW! Rose Resin Pendant

NEW! Rose Resin Pendant

We introduce to you our latest resin pendant design - the Rose Resin Pendant. Available in various glossy colors with both gold and silver chains, these new styles are both feminine and bold. But don't wait too long - these are a summer must-have!
  • Rose Resin Pendant with Tassel Necklace

    Style # N2277

  • Rose Resin Pendant Necklace

    Style # N2276

  • Circle Scroll Pendant Necklace

    Style # N2200

  • Circle Scroll Pendant with Tassel Necklace

    Style # N2199

  • Modern Damask Pendant Necklace

    Style # N2189

  • Modern Damask Pendant with Tassel Necklace

    Style # N2170

  • Lattice Pendant Necklace

    Style # N2137

  • Lattice Tassel Pendant Necklace

    Style # N2136

  • Twirling Blossom Resin Pendant Necklace

    Style # N1995

  • Rose Resin Drop Earring

    Style # E1849

  • Circle Scroll Drop Earring

    Style # E1685

  • Modern Damask Pattern Resin Earring

    Style # E1649

  • Imperial Lattice Earring

    Style # E1626

  • Twirling Blossom Earring

    Style # E1501

  • Circle Resin Bracelet

    Style # B1322

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