The Clear Collection

The Clear Collection

Clear the way for these stunning new lucite arrivals. From beaded clusters to chunky baubles,  it's all available in this season's hottest trend - lucite. Stock up on this favorite in time for summer! 
  • Lucite and Leather Pendant Necklace

    Style # N2265

  • 5 Strand Beaded Necklace

    Style # N2150

  • Crystal Clear Bib Necklace

    Style # N2080

  • Lucite Floating Earring

    Style # E1802

  • Beaded Lucite Cluster Earring

    Style # E1782

  • Semi-Translucent Marbled Hoop Earring

    Style # E1731

  • Lucite Beaded Hoop Earring

    Style # E1718

  • Lucid Dream Earring

    Style # E1567

  • Crystal Clear Earring

    Style # E1566

  • Beaded Lucite Cluster Bracelet

    Style # B1347

  • Chunky Beaded Lucite Bracelet

    Style # B1345

  • Semi-Translucent Marbled Bracelet

    Style # B1327

  • Clearly Stacked Bracelet Set

    Style # B1281

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