Bangle Bracelets

Wholesale Bangle Bracelets

The name of the game is stacking and bangle bracelets make it easy to create your own unique look with a mixture of bracelets. You can go simplistic with a single bracelets or go for statement-making jewelry glory with a multi-stack .

  • Resin Ridges Cuff

    Style # B816

  • On the Edge Cuff

    Style # B815

  • 3 Piece Acrylic Bangle

    Style # B813

  • Oversized Acrylic Bangle

    Style # B811

  • B798

  • Metal Bamboo Bangle Bracelet

    Style # B781

  • Starburst Enamel Hinged Cuff

    Style # B780

  • Animal Instinct Bracelet

    Style # B766

  • B718

  • B706

  • B701

  • Simply Perfect Bangle

    Style # B698

  • B695

  • B694

  • B692

  • Love Stack Resin Bracelet

    Style # B690

  • Party Bangle

    Style # B689

  • A Splash of Color Bangle

    Style # B687

  • B685

  • B684

  • I Dream Of Jeannie Bracelet

    Style # B641

  • B640

  • B639

  • B636

  • B631

  • B628

  • B627

  • B625

  • B624

  • B587

  • Leather Textures Bangle

    Style # B576

  • B574

  • B573

  • Snake Charmer Bracelet

    Style # B552

  • B551

  • Turning Leaf Bracelet

    Style # B548

  • Colorful Screw Bangle Bracelet

    Style # B520

  • Woven Bracelet with Vegan Leather Tassel

    Style # B112

  • Empress Bracelet

    Style # B100

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Bangle bracelets are the thing right now in women’s fashion jewelry. If you are a business owner of a boutique, jewelry department or ecommerce store, you need to start exploring the amazing possibilities of wholesale bangle bracelets. Favorites of wholesale bangles for jewelry retailers are offered by ZENZII in all shapes and silhouettes in a variety of trending and timeless colors. They are a must have for any accessory shop and complement apparel for any season or occasion. ZENZII carefully curates all their wholesale jewelry collections to ensure the highest possible quality. If you’re looking for gold bangles, cuff bracelets or any other type of bracelets through wholesale, ZENZII has got you covered. We also offer a wide variety of other types of gorgeous jewelry for the wrist, neck, ears and more. All ladies know that their hands are one of the most elegant parts of the body, but with winter coming, they might be covered by long sleeve sweaters, vests and shirts. That’s where bangle bracelets come in handy. They are gorgeous on bare skin as well as adorned on sleeves of sleek leather or chunky wool. This is why bangles are the ultimate accessory for your store and style, regardless if it’s winter or summer.


Timeless gold bangles, crystals or leather, colorful or plain, tight or loose, there are so many types of bangle bracelets to choose from. With our wide selection of ideal styles, you won’t know where to start! You’ll want them all. Like everyone’s favorite cookies, you just can’t have just one. In fashion, it’s very popular to combine bangle bracelets with chain bracelets- a fabulous opportunity for upselling. ZENZII is the one-stop-shop for all your wholesale bangle bracelets, gold bangles, cuff bracelets, colorful and high-quality statement jewelry.