Bangle Bracelets

Wholesale Bangle Bracelets

The name of the game is stacking and bangle bracelets make it easy to create your own unique look with a mixture of bracelets. You can go simplistic with a single bracelets or go for statement-making jewelry glory with a multi-stack .

  • Studded Resin Bangle

    Style # B1349

  • Thin Tortoise Bangle

    Style # B1330

  • Thin Swirled Metal Bangle

    Style # B1326

  • Swirled Metal Bangle

    Style # B1325

  • Classic Metal Bangle

    Style # B1324

  • Criss-Cross Metal Bangle

    Style # B1323

  • Circle Resin Bracelet

    Style # B1322

  • Curvy Metal Bracelet

    Style # B1307

  • Metal Ribbon Bracelet

    Style # B1306

  • Tortoise Bangle Set

    Style # B1290

  • Clearly Stacked Bracelet Set

    Style # B1281

  • Loop The Loop Bracelet

    Style # B1276

  • Tortoise Bangle Bracelet

    Style # B1275

  • Oh My! Bangle Bracelet

    Style # B1256

  • Open Space Bangle Bracelet

    Style # B1243

  • Mingling Shapes Bangle Bracelets

    Style # B1233

  • Rope you In Bangle Bracelet

    Style # B1221

  • Linked Solid Bracelet

    Style # B1218

  • I Want To Believe Bracelet

    Style # B1202

  • The Galilean Moons Bracelet

    Style # B1197

  • Half Linked Bangle Bracelet

    Style # B1190

  • Buckle Down Bracelet

    Style # B1188

  • Braided Promise Bracelet

    Style # B1185

  • Siren's Trinket Bracelet

    Style # B1184

  • X Marks The Spot Bracelet

    Style # B1183

  • Half Moon Cuff

    Style # B1156

  • Linking Metals Cuff

    Style # B1155

  • Crossing Lines Wired Cuff

    Style # B1149

  • To Infinity Bracelet

    Style # B1148

  • Be My Anchor Bracelet

    Style # B1143

  • Hexagon Construction Bracelet

    Style # B1142

  • Bumpy Road Bracelet

    Style # B1140

  • Molded Cuff Bracelet

    Style # B1139

  • Stones and Spike Bracelet

    Style # B1128

  • Wired Shut Bracelet

    Style # B1127

  • Wrapped In Time Bracelet

    Style # B1120

  • Colosseum Stud Bracelet

    Style # B1118

  • Metal Braids Bracelet

    Style # B1112

  • Thin Line Between Style

    Style # B1087

  • Greek Goddess Bracelet

    Style # B1085

  • Marble Fixture Bracelet

    Style # B1084

  • Screw It Bracelet

    Style # B1073

  • Looping Satisfaction

    Style # B1072

  • Building Basics Bracelet

    Style # B1071

  • Mended Fences Bracelet

    Style # B1070

  • Oh So Charming Bracelet

    Style # B1067

  • Catch My Drift Bangle

    Style # B1066

  • Flourishing Buds Bracelet

    Style # B1060

  • B1059

    Style # B1059

  • Multi Gemstone Threaded Bracelet

    Style # B1056

  • Charming and Spiked Bracelet

    Style # B1047

  • Ball and Chain Bracelet

    Style # B1046

  • Luxe and Lovely Gemstone Bracelet

    Style # B1037

  • Ladder Bracelet

    Style # B1029

  • Barb Wire Bangle Bracelet

    Style # B1028

  • Pyramid Stacking Bracelet

    Style # B1023

  • Let the Band Play Bracelet

    Style # B1008

  • Two Tone Chevron Bangle

    Style # B994

  • Bar Harbor Bracelet

    Style # B985

  • Knob Twist Bracelet

    Style # B984

  • Double Arrow Bracelet

    Style # B982

  • Have a Ball Bracelet

    Style # B981

  • Spring Rope Bracelet

    Style # B980

  • Rock Candy Bangle

    Style # B979

  • Film Roll Bangle

    Style # B953

  • Handwritten Star Bracelet

    Style # B943

  • Diamond Surface Bangle

    Style # B935

  • Full Circle Crystal Bangle

    Style # B934

  • Geo Hex Bangle

    Style # B933

  • Lasting Braid Bangle

    Style # B930

  • Elegant Elephant Bangle

    Style # B916

  • Seriously Safari Cuff

    Style # B915

  • Resin Hexagon Bangle

    Style # B909

  • Timepiece Bangle

    Style # B907

  • Strong Square Cuff

    Style # B903

  • Clearly Chic Bracelet

    Style # B899

  • Resin Square Bangle

    Style # B898

  • Oh Ostrich Bracelet

    Style # B889

  • What A Stud Bangle

    Style # B888

  • Square Shape Bangle

    Style # B881

  • Starry Night Wide Bangle

    Style # B868

  • Star Spangled Bangle

    Style # B867

  • Bejeweled Jaguar Cuff Bracelet

    Style # B843

  • Exotic Elegance Cuff

    Style # B841

  • Garden Variety Bracelet

    Style # B839

  • Space Bar Bracelet

    Style # B833

  • Stacking Stones Bracelet

    Style # B830

  • Color Me Happy Bangle

    Style # B823

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Timeless gold bangles, crystals or leather, colorful or plain, tight or loose, there are so many types of bangle bracelets to choose from. With our wide selection of ideal styles, you won’t know where to start! You’ll want them all. Like everyone’s favorite cookies, you just can’t have just one. In fashion, it’s very popular to combine bangle bracelets with chain bracelets- a fabulous opportunity for upselling. ZENZII is the one-stop-shop for all your wholesale bangle bracelets, gold bangles, cuff bracelets, colorful and high-quality statement jewelry.