ZENZII and Anthropologie, both brands known for their creative spins on fashion, have partnered together to create a 4D Floral Jewelry collection. The collection includes 4 styles perfect for the summer to fall season!

Launched in July of 2017, the ZENZII floral assortment showcases two variations of floral earrings, as well as three floral necklaces. Available in the season's most popular and colorful hues: berry, red, navy, turquoise, light blue, rose and black. Prices of the accessories range from $38-$78. The collection can be found in store as well as online at anthropologie.com.

Shawn Li, ZENZII’s CEO, said, “We are enthusiastic about our progressing relationship with Anthropologie. Over the past three years, we have offered several private label accessories for the brand and we are set to offer even more collections that are in-line with Anthropologie's key customer's styles. Our partnership has been successful because we share the same core desire to provide inspiring fashion to women who want high quality and creativity in their wardrobe.”